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What are your clear stamps made from?

Wilson Design stamps are made of a high-quality clear photopolymer that resists yellowing!  

How do you use clear stamps?

Clear stamps make stamp placement easier than ever! You can see where you are stamping. Simply peel your stamp off the carrier sheet or storage case and place the image on your acrylic block. No adhesive required! When you are done stamping, clean your stamp and place it back on it's sheet.

Caring for clear stamps 

Clear stamps will stain with the use of some inks.  This is normal and will not affect the quality of the stamp. Wash after each use to keep them looking and working good!

If your stamp loses it's stickiness, wash the stamp with a tiny bit of soap and warm water and it should stick as good as new.  If you still have trouble with your stamp sticking, it most likely means that your block needs cleaned.  Clean it with the same process and dry it with a cloth or let air dry.  

Do you offer free shipping?
Free shipping with an order of $35 or more in the US, $99 International!

Do you have an angel policy?

Yes, our stamps can be used in resale of your crafts so long as:

 No more than 50 are sold per calendar year of each image

 You give credit for the images to Wilson Designs with a link back here if possible

You hand stamp all images, no reproduced images or electronically reproduced images

You sell only at craft fairs, fundraisers, retail locations, and over the Internet

For usage over these limits rights to the images can be purchased for a small cost, email for details.

Do you give credit for published usage of your products?

Yes we do, email with details of when and where and we will send you some goodies! Some restrictions apply. Must be a well known source.

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